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Vocabulary Words CERULEAN (ADJECTIVE): sky, sea color (आसमानी (विशेषण) : आकाश , समुद्र रंग)

1. CERULEAN (ADJECTIVE): sky, sea color (आसमानी (विशेषण) : आकाश , समुद्र रंग)
Synonyms: azure, cobalt Antonyms: clean, happy
पर्यायवाची: नीला , कोबाल्ट विलोम : स्वच्छ, खुश
Example Sentence:
The binding is of cerulean satin, richly embroidered with thread of changeful golden tissue.

2. ASKANCE (ADVERB): sideways (कनखियों (क्रिया विशेषण ): बग़ल में)
Synonyms: skeptically, suspiciously Antonyms: surely, confidently
पर्यायवाची: skeptically , शंका विलोम : निश्चित रूप से , आत्मविश्वास से
Example Sentence:
As he bent his head she looked at me askance, and I thought she blushed.

3. PERIPATETIC (ADJECTIVE): constantly traveling (पथिक (विशेषण ): लगातार यात्रा)
Synonyms: nomadic, roving Antonyms: settled, fixed
पर्यायवाची: खानाबदोश , roving विलोम : बसे, तय
Example Sentence:
Still, she is influenced by her background and her peripatetic youth.

4. VERDANT (ADJECTIVE): green, blooming (सब्ज़ (विशेषण) : हरे, खिल)
Synonyms: grassy, lush Antonyms: dying, barren
पर्यायवाची: घास , रसीला विलोम : मर रहा है, बंजर
Example Sentence:
It was a typical suburban dwelling with a verdant lawn and lots of flowering shrubs.

5. REPRIEVE (NOUN): relief of blame, responsibility
(राहत (संज्ञा): दोष से राहत , जिम्मेदारी)
Synonyms: abatement, deferment Antonyms: continuation
पर्यायवाची: कमी , मोहलत विलोम : निरंतरता
Example Sentence:
Bad weather, however, gave her a reprieve; a spring rainstorm forced a postponement, pushing her appearance back 24 hours.

6. BLIGHT (VERB): ruin, destroy (तुषार (क्रिया) बर्बाद, नष्ट)
Synonyms: mar, taint Antonyms: improve, repair
पर्यायवाची: Mar, कलंक विलोम : सुधार, मरम्मत
Example Sentence:
Increasingly, cities long left to rot are rising from the ashes of blight as they try to become shining examples of new urbanism.

7. SIMPATICO (NOUN): liking or inclination toward something
(Simpatico (संज्ञा): पसंद या कुछ और की ओर झुकाव)
Synonyms: affection, closeness Antonyms: dislike, hatred
पर्यायवाची: स्नेह, निकटता विलोम : नापसंदगी , घृणा
Example Sentence:
In the Italian phrase the whole place was simpatico; it repeated and crooned over to everyone the mood in which he came to it.

8. TINSEL (NOUN): particular type of embellishment
(चमकी (संज्ञा): ज़ेब के विशेष प्रकार)
Synonyms: finery, design Antonyms: plainness, eyesore
पर्यायवाची: सजधज , डिजाइन विलोम : सादगी , जाला
Example Sentence:
His exuberant style is Venetian; it is velvet and brocade, which he bestrews with tinsel and spangles.

9. MONASTIC (ADJECTIVE): with communal life
(मठवासी (विशेषण ): सामुदायिक जीवन के साथ)
Synonyms: secluded, austere Antonyms: sociable
पर्यायवाची: एकांत, तपस्या विलोम : मिलनसार
Example Sentence:
We will now see the monks at work, and spend a day with them in their monastic home.

10. MATTE (ADJECTIVE): drab, lackluster in effect on senses
(मैट ( विशेषण) : एकाकार , इंद्रियों पर प्रभाव में मंद)
Synonyms: flat, subdued Antonyms: excited, cheerful
पर्यायवाची: फ्लैट, वश विलोम : उत्साहित , हंसमुख
Example Sentence:
The salad is somewhat matte, with only lettuce to complement the chicken with.


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