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Vocabulary Words OPALESCENT (ADJECTIVE): prismatic (आपल (विशेषण ): प्रिज्मीय)

Vocabulary Words OPALESCENT (ADJECTIVE): prismatic (आपल (विशेषण ): प्रिज्मीय) 

1. OPALESCENT (ADJECTIVE): prismatic (आपल (विशेषण ): प्रिज्मीय)
Synonyms: bright, pearly Antonyms: dull, pale
पर्यायवाची: उज्ज्वल , मोती विलोम : सुस्त , पीला
Example Sentence:
If the bead is completely saturated, it retains its opalescent appearance.

2. MERETRICIOUS (ADJECTIVE): gaudy, flashy
(दिखावे का (विशेषण ): भड़कीला , आकर्षक)
Synonyms: blatant, bogus Antonyms: genuine, real
पर्यायवाची: ज़बरदस्त , फर्जी विलोम : असली , असली
Example Sentence:
There is nothing showy or clever, nothing cheap or meretricious in all their work.

3. PANEGYRIC (ADJECTIVE): laudatory (स्तुतिपाठ (विशेषण ): प्रशंसात्मक)
Synonyms: acclamatory, praising Antonyms: blaming, overlooking
पर्यायवाची: acclamatory , तारीफ विलोम : दोष देने , अनदेखी
Example Sentence:
He looked on his friend admiringly, at this panegyric of the woman he loved.

4. GEHENNA (NOUN): place of the condemned; bad situation
(नरक (संज्ञा): निंदा की जगह; बुरी स्थिति)
Synonyms: misery, nightmare Antonyms: contentment, happiness
पर्यायवाची: दुख, बुरा सपना विलोम : संतोष , खुशी
Example Sentence:
The survivors of the wreck face a different kind of Gehenna.

5. RAVENOUS (ADJECTIVE): very hungry; desirous
(हिंसक (विशेषण ): बहुत भूख लगी है ; इच्छुक)
Synonyms: ferocious, greedy Antonyms: satisfied, full
पर्यायवाची: क्रूर , लालची विलोम : संतुष्ट , पूर्ण
Example Sentence:
It was an irresistible feast for ravenous culture warriors on both sides.

6. PAUSATION (NOUN): break, pause (PAUSATION (संज्ञा): ब्रेक , ठहराव)
Synonyms: hiatus, interruption Antonyms: continuation, closure
पर्यायवाची: अंतराल , रुकावट विलोम : निरंतरता , बंद
Example Sentence:
There is no pausation to interrogate his own immersive activism.

7. SUASIVE (ADJECTIVE): effective (SUASIVE (विशेषण) : प्रभावी)
Synonyms: compelling, convincing Antonyms: ineffective, invalid
पर्यायवाची: सम्मोहक, समझाने विलोम : अप्रभावी , अवैध
Example Sentence:
Ministers of religion as well as physicians have always wielded with authority the suasive power.

8. PURGE (NOUN): elimination, removal (शुद्ध (संज्ञा): उन्मूलन, हटाने)
Synonyms: evacuation, expulsion Antonyms: holding, maintenance
पर्यायवाची: निकासी, निष्कासन विलोम : होल्डिंग, रखरखाव
Example Sentence:
The right-wing military had seized control in 1976 after a period of instability, and decided to purge their enemies.

9. RAZZ (VERB): ridicule (RAZZ (क्रिया) उपहास)
Synonyms: jest, joke Antonyms: be serious, praise
पर्यायवाची: हंसी , मजाक विलोम : गंभीर हो , प्रशंसा
Example Sentence:
I take him at his word that this was basically locker-room talk—a joke, meant to razz other players.

10. FRISK (VERB)): cavort (तलाशी ( िक्रया )): कूद पड़ना)
Synonyms: bounce, caper Antonyms: face
पर्यायवाची: उछाल, शरारत विलोम : चेहरे
Example Sentence:
Would there be an end to the way cops stop, question, and frisk people on the street?


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