Thursday 18 February 2016

Vocabulary Words SAPPY (ADJECTIVE): foolish, sentimental (व्यवसायिक (विशेषण) : मूर्ख , भावुक)

1. SAPPY (ADJECTIVE): foolish, sentimental (व्यवसायिक (विशेषण) : मूर्ख , भावुक)
Synonyms: maudlin, silly Antonyms: realistic, serious
पर्यायवाची: भावुक , मूर्ख विलोम : यथार्थवादी, गंभीर
Example Sentence:
This is going to sound completely sappy, but it’s my honest answer.

2. PECCADILLO (NOUN): small fault (अल्पदोष (संज्ञा): छोटी सी गलती)
Synonyms: impropriety, indiscretion Antonyms: major fault
पर्यायवाची: अनौचित्य , अविवेक विलोम : मेजर गलती
Example Sentence:
The accused was joking in the court as if the bombing was a mere peccadillo and not a serious crime.

3. POLEMIC (ADJECTIVE): argumentative (विवादात्मक (विशेषण ): तार्किक)
Synonyms: belligerent, contrary Antonyms: harmonious, similar
पर्यायवाची: जुझारू , इसके विपरीत विलोम : सामंजस्यपूर्ण , इसी तरह
Example Sentence:
The document is a convincing polemic that reveals the corruption rampant in the corporation.

4. STOLID (ADJECTIVE): apathetic, stupid (आवेगहीन (विशेषण ): उदासीन, बेवकूफ)
Synonyms: impassive, indifferent Antonyms: aware, interested
पर्यायवाची: आवेगहीन , उदासीन विलोम : जागरूक , रुचि
Example Sentence:
They are stolid, dependable people, and have more facial hair than anybody else.

5. CONTENTIOUS (ADJECTIVE): quarrelsome (विवादास्पद (विशेषण ): झगड़ालू)
Synonyms: combative, antagonistic Antonyms: agreeable
पर्यायवाची: जुझारू , विरोधी विलोम : सहमत
Example Sentence:
In general, I always avoid contentious topics of conversation because they lead to arguments.

6. ABORTIVE (ADJECTIVE): failing to achieve a goal
(निष्फल (विशेषण ): एक लक्ष्य को प्राप्त करने में विफल रही)
Synonyms: futile, fruitless Antonyms: productive, profitable
पर्यायवाची: व्यर्थ , निरर्थक विलोम : उत्पादक , लाभदायक
Example Sentence:
All the friends made an abortive effort to bake a cake for their friend’s birthday party.

7. PREMONITION (NOUN): feeling that an event is about to occur
(अंदाज़ा (संज्ञा): लग रहा है एक घटना के बारे में घटित करने के लिए है कि)
Synonyms: portent, hunch Antonyms: information, knowledge
पर्यायवाची: सगुन , कूबड़ विलोम : सूचना, ज्ञान
Example Sentence:
In the movie, the eight year old boy wakes in the early hours of the morning with a premonition of disaster.

8. SUBVENTION (NOUN): grant (आर्थिक सहायता (संज्ञा): अनुदान)
Synonyms: allocation, allotment Antonyms: repudiation, refusal
पर्यायवाची: आवंटन, आवंटन विलोम : परित्याग , इनकार
Example Sentence:
In whole of the Europe and America, the Governments are offering subventions to their farmers on regular basis.

9. ENSHROUD (VERB): cover (ओढ़ना (क्रिया) कवर)
Synonyms: conceal, hide Antonyms: disclose, reveal
पर्यायवाची: छुपाने, छिपाने विलोम : खुलासा , पता चलता है
Example Sentence:
The central region of this galaxy is enshrouded in dust, as a result the regions where stars are formed are hidden.

10. PALATIAL (ADJECTIVE): grand, opulent (महलनुमा (विशेषण ): भव्य , भव्य)
Synonyms: deluxe, magnificent Antonyms: common, impressive

पर्यायवाची: डीलक्स , शानदार विलोम : आम , प्रभावशाली
Example Sentence:
In the forecourt of a most palatial hotel, the birthday girl was waiting.