Saturday 3 January 2015


Dear students
I hope you are aware of the fact that GS 4 (ethics) is an applied
paper. It doesn't require any specialized theoretical knowledge of
human psychology or philosophy. Being informed and knowledgeable
about ethics doesn't guarantee that the person will be ethical in his
actual behavior. Medical ethics are well known to every practicing
doctor but every doctor doesn't behave ethically . Knowledge /
awareness of course is important to guide human behavior ethically
but it is not the cause of ethical behavior. It is the moral value
embedded in one's self that causes ethical behavior.
So GS paper 4 should be approached as a layman so that ethical tilt
of your mind should get reflected from your answer and the examiner
could judge them effortlessly.
If you want to practice on questions involving ethical dilemma you
may participate in our e- discussion. I assure you of quality addition
to your preparation for the civil service examination. Please click to
visit our e-discussion page. God blessing!