Tuesday 29 September 2015

(Vocabulary) in English

शब्दावली ज्ञान (Vocabulary)
1.Benefactor (noun) (उपकारी,पुण्यात्मा,धन आदि से सहायता करने वाला) -
One who offers financial help
Santosh's aunt and benefactor paid his college tuition.
Synonym: patron

2.Beneficial (adj)( गुणकारक,लाभकारी,लाभदायक) - Helpful
there is no doub that eating vegetables is beneficial to one's health.
Synonyms: advantageous, salutary

3.Benevolent (adj)( कृपालु,दयालु,परोपकारी) - Kind, helpful
Sherman revealed his benevolent side when he offered to help Carter
with his homework.
Synonyms: altruistic, generous

4.Brandish (verb) (भांजना,लपलपाना,फिराना) - To shake or wave menacingly
The baseball player was fined for brandishing his bat at the opposing pitcher.
Synonyms: flourish, swing

5.Buffer (noun) (प्रतिरोधक,बफर) - Protective barrier
The dense trees acted as a buffer against the heavy rain.
Synonyms: cushion, mediator

6.Buffoonery (noun)(तमाशा,मश्करापन) - Foolish behavior
Clarence, an irrepressible comic, was held after cass for his buffoonery.
Synonyms: jocularity, clowning

7.Camaraderie (noun) (सखापन,समिती,सौहार्द) - Spirit of friendship
The manager hoped the retreat would increase the camaraderie among the
feuding workers.
Synonyms: sociability

8.Catastrophic (adj) (आपातपूर्ण,अनर्थकारी,आपत्तिजनक) - Relating to
extreme misfortune
The effects of the massive hurricane were catastrophic.
Synonyms: devastating, disastrous

9.Celebrated (adj) (सुप्रसिद्ध,विख्यात,प्रसिद्ध) - Widely known, respected
The fans waited for hours to catch a glimpse of the celebrated actress.
Synonyms: admired, famous

10.Censure (verb)(नींदा करना,दोष लगाना, अपराधी ठहराना) - To find fault with
The critical teacher was quick to censure her students for even small mistakes.
Synonyms: blame, criticize