Sunday 31 May 2015

Proud to be an Indian

Did you know :

  • India never invaded any country in last 100000 years of history
  • Chess was invented in India
  • India has the largest number of post offices in the world
  • The largest employer in india is Indian Railways, over 1 million employees
  • India exports software to 90 countries
  • Algebra, Trigonometric & Calculus were originated in India
  • Indian National Kabaddi Team has won all the World Cups
  • May 26 is celebrated as science day in Switzerland in honour of APJ Kalam who visited Switzerland on that day
  • India has the second largest English speaking population in the world
  • India is the world's largest democracy with 1.2 billion voters
  • The most number of movies are made in india, approx 1000 every year
  • Besides the US and Japan, India is the only country to have indegionously built a super computer
  • The second largest number of scientists and engineers are in india
  • Until 1896 India was the only source for Diamonds

*** Proud to be an Indian ***