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Current Affairs Questions & Answers - Mar 09, 2016

Current Affairs Questions & Answers - Mar 09, 2016
1) RBI has made amendments to the treatment of certain balance sheet items of banks for what purpose?
a. Boosting their regulatory capital
b. Aligning with the Internationally adopted Basel III capital standards
c. Neither a nor b
d. Both a and b
ANSWER: Both a and b
2) Zero Discrimination Day is observed on which day every year?
a. March 31st
b. March 2nd
c. March 3rd
d. March 1st
ANSWER: March 1st
3) President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee celebrated the Civil Accounts Day on 1st March 2016. Which edition of the day was celebrated by him on this date?
a. 38th
b. 39th
c. 40th
d. 41st
ANSWER: 40th
4) Government has approved the setting up of a Central Research Institute of Yoga and Naturopathy in which Odisha city?
a. Puri
b. Bhubaneswar
c. Cuttack
d. Balasore
ANSWER: Bhubaneswar
5) US has deployed its elite counter terrorism unit for convert operations in Iraq to kill/capture high ranking IS operatives and gather intelligence. What is its name?
a. Alpha Force
b. Delta Force
c. Gamma Force
d. Beta Force
ANSWER: Delta Force
6) Which famous Oscar winning actor won the award for the 1960s classic Cool Hand Luke?
a. George Kennedy
b. Paul Newman
c. Tim Dalton
d. Sean Connery
ANSWER: George Kennedy
7) Which nation declared an emergency after a major pipeline burst?
a. Colombia
b. Serbia
c. Peru
d. None of the above
8) Government is setting up a NMPB under Department/Ministry of Ayush. What is its full form?
a. National Medicinal Plants Board
b. National Medical Plants Board
c. National Medicine Plants Board
d. None of the above
ANSWER: National Medicinal Plants Board
9) Name the island off Goa’s coast given by State Government of Goa to MoD?
a. Daman
b. Diu
c. Anjadiv
d. None of the above
ANSWER: Anjadiv
10) Which ship is going to be converted to Aircraft Carrier Museum?
a. INS Vikrant
b. INS Viraat
c. INS Vishal
d. None of the above


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