Top 20 GD Topics for SBI Associates PO Interview

Top 20 GD Topics for SBI Associates PO Interview

1. Impact of LED & solar Project in India
2. Swachch Bharat Campaign
3. The Rise of ISIS (Sydney Siege + Charlie Hebdo)
4. Is India a Secular or Religious or Biased country?
5. India needs more MOM projects
6. E-Governance in India
7. Government should monitor Advertisements in Television
8. Women Safety in India
9. Rapid Industrialization Damaged the Global Climate
10. Bullet Trains in India
12. Make In India or Invented in India?
13. The Rise of E-Commerce - Good or Bad?
14. Electronic Transactions in Banking - A Success or Failure?
15. Merit & Demerit of Global Banking & green banking
16. Nuclear deal (India & USA)
17. Linking of Indian rivers
18. DBT Scheme
19. Gold investments in banking sector
20. Impact of Chinese product in Indian economy


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