Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Facebook Gk

  • What is Facebook Gk?

    • Facebook Gk is a medium to learn GK using social networking site Facebook, where we have daily posted news, current affairs and various circles in different different language.

  • Why Facebook GK?

    • Because Facebook Gk have real-time updates, quick notification and online running quiz with images, audio and post.
    • Some of the time comments with valid answers and valid reasons make scene.

  • What are accuracy of post posted on Facebook Gk?

    • Most of the Facebook GK page has been created by famous website owner or someone who is preparing for competitive exams, so no doubt they post accurate data.
    • Some time if there be any mistakes active users comment and ask admin to modify.

  • Is Facebook Gk for Me?

    • Yes if you are preparing of competitive exams then its for you.
    • Yes if you want to know the facts and activity which is happening around you then its for you.
    • Yes if You Love to enhance General knowledge the its for you.

  • Impact of Social Media for GK learner.

    • We have many social media like whatsapp and facebook in order to learn quick GK and people using it effectively so the Social media have its positive impact to all GK lover.

  • Important Facebook GK page & community.


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