Saturday 4 June 2016

Vocabulary Word Section in English

1. CABAL (NOUN): a plot against something or someone
Synonyms: conspiracy, scheme
Antonyms: honesty, loyalty
Example Sentence:
The independent rebels in the company came together to form a cabal in order to replace the M.D.

2. CADAVER (NOUN): a lifeless body that is used for research
Synonyms: corpse, carcass
Antonyms: being, vitality
Example Sentence:
Jenny fainted while dissecting her first cadaver.

3. CAVIL (VERB): to find faults about something minor
Synonyms: quibble, criticize
Antonym: approve, praise
Example Sentence:
As always my boss was not easy to please and managed to find something to cavil about my work.

4. CHRONIC (ADJECTIVE): appearing for a lengthy period of time
Synonyms: incessant, persistent
Antonyms: acute, temporary
Example Sentence:
Mr. Harold can’t walk without a cane as he has been suffering from chronic arthritis for 10 years.

5. CLICHE (NOUN): a word or phrase used excessively
Synonyms: adage, slogan
Antonyms: atypical, unheard
Example Sentence:
James repeated a cliché from a movie because he could not come up with anything original.

6. COHESIVE (ADJECTIVE): closely united
Synonyms: tenacious, connected
Antonym: separated, detached
Example Sentence:
Our football team despite their different backgrounds, was able to play as a cohesive team.

7. COLOSSAL (ADJECTIVE): extremely large in size
Synonyms: enormous, behemoth
Antonyms: miniscule, miniature
Example Sentence:
The new campus is colossal in size and can accommodate thousands.

8. CONCOCT (VERB): to make something using cleverness or ability
Synonyms: fabricate, envisage
Antonyms: ruin, demolish
Example Sentence:
Mrs Jane was able to concoct a story for coming late to the party

9. CRAVEN (ADJECTIVE): cowardly
Synonyms: chicken, gutless
Antonyms: brave, courageous
Example sentence:
The craven CEO fled the conference when the media enquired about the bankruptcy.

Synonyms: blamable, responsible
Antonyms: innocent, blameless
Example Sentence:
Robert was found culpable of the murder and sentenced to life imprisonment by the judge.