Thursday, 3 September 2015

General knowledge in hindi

1. Siraj-ud-Daulah at the Battle of Plassey in 1757 who was betrayed to?
Answer: Mir Jafar
2. Which state in India is producing more pulses?
Answer: MPiia has never woman chief?
Answer: Maharashtra
4. Who was the first woman president of the Indian National Congress?
Answer: Annie Besant
5. `suede spaces' relates to the word?
Answer: Computer
6. The first Gandhi Peace Prize was awarded to whom?
Answer: Julius Nyrere
7. 'UNICEF' headquarters is located where?
Answer: New York
8k`minjr Mela is a festival of which state?
Answer: HP
9. `fort built by the British at Fort William, 'Where?
Answer: Kolkata
10 'polo' What is the modern form of the ancient game?
Answer: Polo
11. In which city, the country's first female post office was established in March 2013?
Answer: New Delhi
May 12 is celebrated the first Tuesday in what form?
Answer: World Asthma Day
13. What is the most water in the soil?
Answer: Loam
14. During the reign of Aurangzeb, whose job it was to see that public life 'sharia' is being used by?
Answer: Muhtasib
15. 'World Literacy Day to be celebrated on September 8' was announced by whom?
Answer: UNESCO
16. In which country is the largest forest area?
Answer: The Russian Federation
17. What is the most ancient Dravidian language
Answer: Tamil
18. The father of India's 'renaissance' What counts?
Answer: Raja Ram Mohan Roy
19. Which first state in India have been given all the voter photo ID?
Answer: Haryana
20. In which city was the beginning of radio feature in India?
Answer: Mumbai
21. Where is the High Court of Rajasthan?
Answer: Jodhpur
22. doubts, Vikram, Hazri and AD is the oldest in Snwaton
Answer: Vikram Samvat
23. `Kawyadrsh" Who wrote the book?
Answer: Daṇḍin
24. `Mehrauli column article with regards to what is considered the emperor?
Answer: Chandragupta II
25. The intersection of the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal in the ocean is spectacular
Answer: Rameswaram


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